Impact of Technology in today's world

Welcome to my blog, Dharam Patel here. It is my pleasure to be writing on this topic, which is having a great effect on our society.
In this advanced age of the 21st century, technology has been influencing both positively and negatively on each and every age group.

Daily routine life has become easier and much more convenient. With technology, we are able to complete tasks with a click of a button and a voice command. However, it is also true that we have become addicted and are abusing it 90% of the time.

Many say, it a need and can't go without it, as oxygen is to the human body. It is truly said technology and human life cannot be separated. Technology is beneficial in its own way, especially in this fast growing world. However, it is not doing very well as for the younger generation. To emphasize more on this, you as parents, guardians, and teachers, need to take a step towards in avoiding this pandemic. Which child today doesn't own mobile or some sort of latest released gadgets?

Many a time we as parents tend to satisfy our children demands, by thinking it's part of improving their relationship or helping in their academics. Little do we realize that we are opening new doors for them.

It is a fact, that technology has been robbing us of quality family time these days. We use it, abuse it and accommodate it for different reasons and it has become habitual for us to resist. Spending our hard earn money on a device that will make work and life easier, whether it is for traveling, communicating, to learn, conducting business or just live in comfort.

Machinery is very much replacing human labor, plowing, sowing, watering, harvesting and even faster growth, technology is becoming a demand, but human life is being affected. Workers go out of a job because less manual labor is needed to operate the equipment. Resulting in suffering in human life. 

With these demands increasing day by day, we need to find ways to facilitate the poor man daily life. As not everyone can afford the cost of technology. Together, we can solve as well as reap the benefits of the advancement of technology.

Please leave your pros and cons in the comment box as it relates to technology advancement. I will love to hear your struggles and how you plan to tackle in your own way.

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