Hit your Go Button with these 9 Daily Essentials!

To see a change and to become, we must first be that change we want to see. It can be for many reasons and things.

Areas varied from health, success, becoming independent, finding your passion, eliminating plastic waste, being a good patriot, etc.

You are what you eat and the things you do during the course of the day. Are you eager to see changes?

Step out of your comfy zone and try these. I bet you'll see tremendous changes in less than a week.

My goal is casting a light on how little actions, turned into habits, can make huge changes in your day-to-day life and future.

Must to add things you should include in your daily routine schedule, once it's done as a daily activity, it will eventually become part of you. Which you wouldn't have to remind yourself to do.

        9 Daily Essentials

  • Drink at least eight 8 ounce glasses of water per day: Grab a glass of water instead of soda. We become dehydrated because of the weather temperature and everyday hassle. Water is the number beverage, no artificial flavors or any preservatives added. Then why sip on soda or cold drinks. Freshly fruit juice can also replace those aerated drinks. Related Danger
  • Meditate for at least 15-20 minutes before starting your day: Gain clarity and deep cleansing of the mind will help in making better decisions throughout the day. Meditation is a must
  • Eat a healthy breakfast: Oatmeal with dried fruits and nuts, will take you until lunchtime, do not diet at this time, it is what you need to kick start your day.
  • Make a list of things you plan to get done for that specific day: let's face it, we can't get everything done in one day. It is better advisable to prioritize the things you wish to get done for a day.
  • Exercise 30 minutes at least: Simple stretches and yoga can do well. No need for extreme body lifting, etc.
  • Be punctual: Getting your task done on time. Be on spot and time to start your very next task.
  • Set aside a few minutes for yourself:  Your little comfort corner, analyze yourself, strong areas/weak areas. We all need a break at some point in time. Make time and feel rejuvenated.
  • Immerse yourself with Nature's beauty: Spend time outside, breathing in the fresh air and involving in activities. The sounds of nature shift your nervous system into a relaxed state. By being closer to nature you are more inclined to be fewer anti-depressants.
  • Write down the things that made your day and those that you need to work on or remove: Write a gratitude list. Words of affirmation and the way in which you will choose to fix these.
Summon yourself to these small things and you will see the changes of positiveness slowly rowing into your life.

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