A Girl Child's Life

A Girl Child's Life

A pleasant warm welcome to all my viewers. On today's blog, I want to share a story and a few past events.

From time to time, we ask the question, " What is the purpose of a girl's life?"
From the different classes of people, you get varied responses, some old tradition, Some modern and a few between those two lines.

As a Kid, I can vividly remember, how it was back in the olden days. Child marriage at the age of five and up. As soon as teenage years steps in, it's time to move to your in-laws home. Just to recall those days we used to live in.
A few years back I still recall hearing my grandma saying these to my cousins, "Oh its time for your marriage, have to find you a husband, get married, have a family and manage the household chores perfectly.

At that time it never really buzzed me, until now, that I understand the real life a girl truly deserves. From studying to the highest level of education to exploring every corner of this world. They have proven their worth and capacity.

There was once a time when girls ever kept locked away from the outside world. Fearing danger from what was told, "you are not safe to roam around or see the world outside these doors". At no time, they were told the true story. The world was and is a beautiful place, but the confiscated stories still hunt some till date. Not completing their academics, not allowed to participate in extra curriculum activities or follow their dreams and passion. Many wished and have regrets, as what they were robbed of. "Can we count the ability of a girl/woman of all the multitasking she can do?" No!

We can argue on how changed the girls are today, but they are those same girls that exist before. The world has changed drastically giving more rights and legislation's towards women and girls. Thankfully, they don't have to live in a caged world as before. However, we still find a few of this old outdated tradition exist in today's world. And here I will like to share a story which made me a signed the petition for women rights.

She was young, blooming like a beautiful Rose plant, so adaptable to nature/circumstances. Simple and soft and delicate but unbreakable. With all that she faces growing up from childhood to her teenage years, nothing changed. Yes, she cried and complained, but to herself. She found a friend in herself and stayed away from others. Fearing the wart of her parents and relatives. A few times, I would see her smiling, thinking all was well now. But, just to find out, she was learning to accept the way things were and were just part of life.

She loved finding happiness in small things, whether chasing a butterfly or looking at the birds flying freely in the bright blue sky. I was happy, at least she was starting to feel a sense of happiness. She smiled beautifully through all her problems and that taught me an important lesson. "Money can't buy happiness!" Her dreams were different from the other girls. She never found the courage to leave, as depression had immersed her completely. I couldn't look at it, but in those days, you had to do what you were told to do.

Her story left unfinished as she happily left without saying goodbye. The memories she gave was exceptional the best. How they ruined her, but she never said anything.
The Importance of a girl child should never be underestimated. We are all eagles who can withstand any problem or storm.
With a hand held out to help that girl/woman fight for her rights and freedom!

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