How to be an Inspiration but live your Passion

   Inspirations can be powerful, but not until we start adding those lessons to our daily lives. Inspirational figures have been clouding the Internet recently, but the question remains unanswered.

How many of them are actually applying those teachings and strategies to their own life, which they are telling people to do? The preachings and lecturers can go on and on. But we will like to hear, their struggles, and how you got to this point.

 People become inspirations to others, after their first few watch videos of a professional teacher. Does it happen like that? What's the aim here? And too many times, we hear," oh I want to be like this person or that person". We quickly influenced by what we see and hear, can we actually do this?

Before, jumping into another person's identity. Ask yourself, is this what you really want, or is this what you makes you happy? We will only do things to our best ability only if we enjoy doing it. Yes, some people are compelled to do things they don't like because of some personal issues. But my point is, seeing someone, who you may like very much or who you look up to as a role model, doesn't mean you have the same potential as that person.

Find that you! We are all born with different talents and skills. We have our own special purpose here, you just need to recognize it. Small steps
Back in the olden days, we had something called A family tradition, as it relates to having a career. If your family were doctors or lawyers, then your path ought to be the same. You were not allowed to venture out and discover that you, (yourself).

Suffocated but had complied as that how things were. Today, how often we see, a child fulfilling their parents unaccomplished dreams? Living your own dream and identifying yourself is very important for your own happiness. We can take the pig out of the mud but will he be happy?

The aim here is to understand what a beautiful person you are and finding your purpose. Be and inspiration but don't try to push yourself to fit in another person shoes. Do what you loving doing and what makes you feel inner real happiness i.e your passion.
Stop pretending you are Beyonce, Sachin Tendukar, or another famous person you might like a lot.
Find yourself, love yourself and most importantly be yourself!

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