How to control your mind ?

 Your thoughts will define your action, and to control the mind is  the greatest power you can have. To be self control in your every actions, in every situation or mind set. Our minds gets distracted by little things, leading us to take wrong directions. Whether it's getting angry, being too happy or how you handle your everyday tasks.

To many a times we make bad decisions, when we are too happy or angry. Just to regret  it later.
Learning how to navigate your mind to react to different environment is very powerful for the being. How often can we hold the reigns of our tongue when we are in an argument? Not very good, right?

I've had a few incidents, where I was completely off the limit. I said a few bad things but just because I was agitated of what I was accused for and wanted to give a fitting reply, only to be feeling terrible later on. I'm sure we all had that bad moment, when we would say. "I wish I never said that!" Hands up for that!

But from my bad experience I have learned to take charge of my behaviour and my actions. And here I will be very happy to share a few small strategies which has helped me avoid repeating that mistake. 

  1. Before things goes out of hand, move away from that said environment where havoc is been created. You don't want to be in that moment. It can have a tremendous impact on you and your inner self
  2. Always, try talk yourself out of an aggressive mode, Simply by saying, I'm a divine soul, I am a small attachment of the supreme being, I am a pure soul, I'm not allow to get angry, I'm a blessed soul. Utter, these words to yourself in your mind and you can definitely feel the change of mood.
  3. Observe, all actions that person does when he/she goes into an aggressive behaviour, fast forward if this  is what you want to be or to have the after regrets.
  4. If you know your friend circle is engulf with too much hatred and anger, consider being there, as if you continue to engage then, your progress is very limited, in this regard.
If you are that person, who is having a tough time, controlling your mind and actions. Then you should definitely give these an attempt. We all wish good for each other, that's why I feel the need to share here.
Good luck, give these a try as the have helped me 99% of the time. But consistency is a must, so practice and make it habitual.

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