How I traverse my Journey from a very tender age! Small Steps, Big Priority!

With great pleasure, I Dharam Patel,  I welcome you my viewers to my blog. Achievements can be our greatest success, in this advance and growing world. Growing up as a child, life was not as easy being the only son of my parents.

Yes! I can never call it a burden, as some would. I had responsibilities and had to stand up to them, and that made me into a strong and bold man.
Having to move to Delhi with my Uncle, leaving my family behind at a very tender age of five didn't really bother me at that time, just like any other kids, I was happy to see the city.

Moving on to my teenage years in school, I was very dedicated to my studies, I had a few fallbacks due to some financial problems, which I couldn't afford my tuition's. After finishing 12 standards, I got to enroll in Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) in New Delhi. Within, my three years spent there, I was aspiring to become an engineer, I was again plunged into money issues, forcing me to leave college without achieving my degree.

That said situation pushed me to start giving private tutoring at my home. Being a teacher for almost nine years, my relationship grew with myself and students to more like a family. At first, I was not passionate about it, as I am now. Being proud of the years of hard work is an accomplishment I can happily share with anyone.

At one stage in my life, I was so engrossed in my friend zone, that it made me suffered five years of my life. Wasting time, involved in alcoholism, partying, etc. Many times, I was put down by my friends, because of my status. Words  I can still recall, You can't do it, it's not possible, you have three sisters, it's not going to work. Their words were haunting every part of me.

Adversity which forced me to prove myself that I can face my problems and overcome them. And because of my strong will power, I've have become a role model to my sisters, to my community, to my students, and a responsible man towards my family.
Every effort that was put into effect, all have borne fruit. It felt like a "Bamboo tree withstanding a storm". 

For that particular reason, that we all face on a daily basis, (financial problems) which I couldn't afford to further my studies, was where the Internet came in. Learning English language, live inspirational classes and every piece of wisdom, that would grow my intellect.  Jay Shetty, Guru Gopal Das, 98.3Radio FM, just a few to mention.

Inspirational figures I can't thank enough.
For me, my mobile was and is my teacher. Every lesson has taught me something new, and with this, I've been growing day by day.

 My goal is to educate my students and everyone to become creative and innovative, not just to earn a degree and get a job. Making it more than that, something you will resonate with. It's important, we challenge our self to find our true meaning of life is, rather than living a Rat Race.

Cultivate and aware of yourself in every part of your life. Problems, come and go,  but we all have the capacity to make a change. Always be the change you want to see. Rich Dad Poor Dad inspired, a book I would recommend every person should read.

Overnight success doesn't happen in one day, but with small steps made every day
. I must admit, at some point in my life, I felt completely broken and shattered. As if all doors and pathways were closed and blocked. Fighting alone against these was not easy.

One of my best friends, more like a brother, stood by me in my every troubles and struggle. We all have that one friend! Thank you! Imran Nazir and some of my students who played an important part of my present success too. A few which has been with me through thick and thin (Suraj, Abhishek, and Kishan) always ready to give a helping hand whenever needed.

 My journey continues as my dreams are yet to meet its heights.
"I'm what I am today because of taking on what was my duty and responsibility". 
I always say if you want to see change, then first be that change you want to see!
Thanks, friends for taking the time to read my storyline.

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