Social Media and it's Audience

 Hi everyone, this is Dharam Patel here again. Welcome back to my blog. I was very moved into writing on the above mention topic. Being a teacher, I was very much influenced by the constant reaction I would get whenever social media is mentioned.

Social Media and it's Audience

What is it called? A Modern World! Balancing Social Media on a daily basis has been a challenge for almost everyone. With the many issues we are facing, especially the tremendous effect it is having on youngsters. Be it Facebook, Face time, Whatsapp, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, just to name a few.

It is a fact that social media, has carried its advantages and benefits from inception. Whether, it's meeting different people, promoting a business, sharing your stories, exposing a talent or skill or communicating, they are all just a few from the long list. However, let's come to the point and recognize the pros and cons, it causes in our daily lives. The majority of these have topped the list to date. Some of which are:
  • Unnecessary wasting of time on Social sites
  • Robbing that moment of family time
  • Falling prey to fake identities
  • A fallback in a child's academics
  • Relationship issues, due to the exposure of personal and confidential information
Social Media and it's Audience

We have become addicts to this newly profound tool, which is Social Media. With having significant advantages and disadvantages, we need to map out a way to stop our continued use of it. By doing so, we can:
  • Prioritize our to-do list on our daily routine tasks. Making it the last thing you will do with your spare time.
  • Control and specified a certain amount of time you should spend there.
  • Avoid time passing on Social media, talking to unknown people and prompt meetings. Instead, read a book, engage in outdoor activities, catch up with an old friend or visit the orphanage.
  • Add a reminder of responsibilities and things of importance
  • Educate and aware yourself of postings that are public, i.e your pictures and sharing them with fake people.
We can't deny all the good things Social Media allows us to learn and explore, something which we can continuously talk about.


My main aim here is how we handle this fast-moving technological world. The few methods listed above are to help us treat our illness of Social media and hopefully cure it in the future. Finding new ways will be much use since Social Media is growing every day.
Feel free to share your thoughts and leave suggestions in the comment box below.

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  1. Thanks for sharing these with Dharam Patel, we all struggle with this Social media Disease.

  2. Yes that's true but it's lot of advantage too if we use for our knowledge ..

  3. Yes that's true but it's lot of advantage too if we use for our knowledge ..

    1. Correct! Just have to manage the time we spend there.