Success and It's every Effort and Hard work!

Success and It's every Effort and Hard work

My humble welcome to you my viewers, on today's blog, I will like to share with you some simple steps that you can add to your everyday life, which can help you attain success towards your dreams.

As you might have read my last blog on "Small Steps, Big Priority". I mentioned how making little steps will eventually help you reach the top. Well, that same principle applies when we are determined to become successful.

We can sit and watch and talk about all the wealthy and successful people of the world. But what we should be doing is, directing our focus on how to start our journey towards that path we so desire. It's a vast paced world, with an increasingly growing population and technology.

We can continue to complain all about the pros and cons, but by making a difference in our daily activity, you will definitely feel that raise in confidence, with just one start. Being strong and optimistic about yourself and the things you want to accomplish, can be the first step to take you to your desired heights.

Below I will be sharing some small steps that have become habitual in my daily routines on a day to day basis. Please feel comfortable to add these tips to your daily life for a few days and let me know how it impacted you.

  1. Knowing your goals and objectives - We must first come point to point with our self, as to what are our dreams.
  2. Making a to-do list on the night before - It's always better to write the things you plan on doing before the next day, this will help you in feeling less fatigue and less pressure on your brain.
  3. Completing and checked your to-do list - Many times, we complete half the tasks we set out to do instead of doing everything. It happens, procrastinating on things you might thought that is not important, "Oh I can do that tomorrow", and with that, the list keeps building up. Do what you have decided to do today! Complete the list fully!
  4.  Making deadlines and due dates for your assignments and goals - At school, we are given due dates and deadlines for handing in our projects, this forces us to work harder and within a specific time. So why not challenge yourself to finish your incomplete tasks within a certain period of time? 
  5. Know what distracts you from being focus - We all get distracted, losing control of our minds and actions. Distraction can come from many forms, recognize them, move away. It's always better to talk yourself out when your mind is been strayed.


I hope with these few techniques, it can help you make that first change you always wished to see in yourself. Good luck!

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