How to turn Adversities into Opportunities

Sweet are the uses of adversities which, like the toad, ugly and venomous, wears yet a precious jewel in this head. William Shakespeare

A warm welcome to my audience, Dharam Patel here as always. In today's blog, my focus will be on how we handle our everyday problems and converting them into possible successful opportunities.

In most cases, our adversities force us to think hard to find and to create methods in order to solve whatever we may encounter. Some of us chose to give up, by accepting failure, this being the result of, lack confidence, self-esteem, empowerment, mental and emotional strength.

Feeling isolated, depleted and completely broken. I can proudly say that I've had such an experience in my life, where I felt devastated and wanted to take my life. Yes! I have suffered from severe depression and anxiety for almost eight years. A struggle that made me lost many opportunities.

I was lucky enough to meet a few people, who stood by me and motivated me to face the challenges of life.
Something I learned when I was clogged in this situation, was to bring myself to accept whatever was happening was part of everyday life. Controlling my emotions was the biggest challenge of all.

We should never deny our experiences as related to the wars of adversities. But not to keep thinking about it. Rather, than worrying, what happened and what you could've done, it's just not worth it. Instead, set your focus on how you can improve, make changes to the present and work towards that. At the same time learn to accept that certain things are beyond our control. By doing so, you will let go of fearfulness and difficulties the future may bring. 

Two important lessons adversities can teach us are:
  1. Bring out the best in us.
  2. Bring out the worst in us.

We all have weaknesses or that fragile spot. With small practices and habits, we can defeat this and make a difference. Here are some strategies which can help you fight the frustrations of life.
  • Believe in yourself- Letting the questions of others cloud your mind will not only give your give self-esteem a massive blow but also question your existence. Our problem is not our identity, always remember that. Taking control of our life and the power to handle life's ups and downs. Thinking of it as fighting a battle and being victorious.
  • Remove negative thoughts about yourself- Whatever the mind perceives the hands will cultivate. When adversities knock us down, never stay down, get up and fight. By saying, I'm not worth it, I can't do it, I'm a failure, etc. Will only diminish your self- confidence. Use powerful words to overcome this, I'm strong, I'm a fighter, A winner. Entertain positive and productive thoughts and actions.
  • Positive Response- Determine, how you will react when you are faced by obstacles. As ugly as it can get, the way we handle it makes a huge difference. Having self- resilience is a powerful asset.
  •  Take responsibility for your life- A agree, it is not very easy to take responsibility, especially in tough circumstances. By disappointing yourself, you are only creating room for failure. Life is a roller coaster ride of ups and downs. Every experience will teach you something new. Only designed to make us a better person. Embrace the hard times and work to achieve your goals and objectives.

I hope the few tips given above will help you in your problems faced frequently. Life is a school, the only difference is in school, we are given the lesson and then the test. In life we are given the test and then the lesson.

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