Being Yourself

Pretending to fit yourself in another person cloths can only create problems. Similarly, we should never be ashamed of who we are and what we do. We are one being created by God. It was mankind who divided themselves, creating havoc in the human race.

You must first be the genuine you, before trying to create an impression on the world. Never be ashamed of who you are. Finding that person within yourself is the very first and most important of all.

Become your own friend and company, explore your mind and put your brain to work. Know who you are and what you love and enjoy doing. For those people who become depressed too often, this is the perfect time to get to know yourself better, identify your strengths and weakness. Work on things that distract your mind and keep you away from fighting your problems.

When we find comfort in ourselves and love the one on one relationship, then you see all that is hidden within.
To recognize who you really are is quite an uphill task, it will take some time but be consistent as if you give up on your first encounter, then the world will never be able to see who you are.

A beautiful quote I will like to add here, that I know many of you will agree with is " we will do those things to our best ability of which we truly love". Excelling in your comfort space will definitely bring out the real you.
Sometime, we need to put ourselves in other people shoes, just to understand the situation and not to become them.

Find yourself>Love yourself>Be yourself>Impact the world
 Love to hear your thoughts, on how you struggle to be yourself and your wins too. I hope you found value in this and start being your own self.

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