Connecting the Dots

You don't know what you need in your life until you figure who you are!
Dear readers, in today's content, I want will be telling about a concept called connecting the dots. This might sound new, but some of us are well aware of it. It's basically using your passion for helping another.

Knowing your path, your goal and where you want to see yourself in the future is very vital as to having a strategy, towards that accomplishment. Without knowing, what makes you happy, fulfilled and what inspires you, you're bound to go down the wrong road.

Ambitions, dreams, goals, and desires are all part of every person life. Setting the bar high and reaching towards it. If you fall, then you get up and go again. Again and again, until you are a winner.
Being recognize for every effort and hard work, you are now famous and successful. That's life, no offenses!

But how do we use this success and fame to contribute to the world? Three things and by connecting them you will definitely find the answer.

Your Head>Your Heart>Your Hand

The goals and dreams, that is which you aspire for. Is your vision, your mission and what you want to become. Resonating with your decisions as it relates to your objectives, being capable to understand and sustain, whatever you encounter on your path and to make tough choices, that's your heart. Using your passion, your success, in the form of gratitude, compassion, empathy, and service to another.

By making a difference in another person life, with your attained asset and that's the hand.
And here my friends, by joining these dots together, you will see the fulfilled and ideal life you always wanted.
Your search for self-satisfaction and higher achievements will certainly make you happy. However. by using that to impact the world or the life of another, you will feel even happier.

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