Must have Qualities to a Strong and Fearless Life [ 5 Tools ]

Facing it may be the easiest thing, but finding a way or a solution can be a challenge. It's Christmas, and to all my viewers, I wish you God's blessings and good things on this day. 

Falling in a ditch happens less in a blink of an eye, but finding your steps out of it has to be taken carefully. We all face battles in our lives, which we thrive to completely solve or sometimes hide.

Having been, in the most backstabbing and clashing moments of my life, I always find it challenging to stand up and face the problem or whatever the situation is.

It took me a few years before I really figure what I needed to possess in order to take charge and bring things under control in my life.
Those of which I will happily be sharing with you today.

Not all of us are mentally strong. Yes, I have had mental breakdowns in the past, where I was totally shattered and broken, but how did I handle this after years of depression. By engaging and surrounding myself with people who have a positive mindset and strong self-esteem. People who have been in such incidents and have fought their way out. You must be mentally strong, no human is
powerful than another, regardless of who they are. Know your inner strength and take a stand.

Being confident is believing in yourself. Never let another person put you down because you seem weaker and naive, practice waking the beast within you. A simple example, bullying at school or any other place. Once you are trampled on and insulted, they will come again and again, thinking you are weak inside and out. We don't need physical strength to protect ourselves. Learn to be bold and brave. Read more Self-Confidence. Talkback when you are put down every time, the nonsense will definitely fade.

Knowing your Capabilities, what you can handle when and how. Recognizing what you can do in any situation, where to place your words and speaking for your basic human rights. Don't over push yourself, as sometimes not all of us can handle it. Breaking down is the last thing you would want to do, as it takes away so much from all, what you have built previously.

Having the courage to putting an end and move on. Its easier said than done. Which is why it's important to be fearless when facing life's battles. Naturally, some are born courageous men and women. While the others have to slowly built and put it together. I know it difficult, but your little problems will sculpt you into that brave spirited soul.

Understanding and loving yourself. Knowing your potential and ability to control and manage whatever is maybe. It is the greatest asset to your self- respect. Being humble, self-assured and satisfied with yourself is essential to your being. To criticize and degrade your potential, will not only create doubt and negativity but hurting and causing severe damages to you yourself. How to combat this, love yourself, be appreciative of small things you accomplish, praise yourself for your uniqueness. We are all differently gifted with something beautiful. Identify it, and shine through it.

Find that space you have been looking for, don't rush but slowly take these into practice and apply where needed. Also, leave your comments below, if you have a topic you will like for me to write on. 
Again, a very Happy Christmas and New Year to you and your family.

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