My dream Speech

Speaking in front of an audience or a huge crowd can be very confronting and uneasy, especially if it's your first time.
Based on a true story, my first speech for a concert at my institute. Oh my! Three weeks preparing for this, I felt like I was literally getting ready to host the program. Words perfectly are written and memorized, point-to-point.

All set, that day was here, and I was ready for this like I had done this before. My name was called and quickly as I stepped on the higher stage.

Upon seeing that huge number of people, I felt a quiver within, shaking, nervous and bewildered. Frozen I was, looking down at my paper, I couldn't begin reading. I was blank, five minutes almost completed, as I fumbled with my notes.

My professor, having noticed my sudden change of behavior, came and hugged me gently, while giving words of encouragement and comfort.

Remembering clearly, those words. Relax, take a few deep breaths with closed eyes and retain your focus on what you are saying to the people and not how perfectly you should do it.
This was not as easy as I thought, looking at my notes repeatedly, I did exactly what I was told, and began speaking.
The people were silent and listened attentively. With a few glances here and there, every time, I pause and completed a paragraph. I can vividly remember, one of my friends from the crowd shouting, you are doing great, keep it going. To some extent, that boosted my courage and with what was given by my professor. Now, I was feeling confidently strong and spoke a little louder.

Finally, I concluded and thanked everyone for their presence and attention. The bravery was acknowledged and applauded. I can boldly say, preparing for your speech may be a piece of cake, but speaking in front of a large crowd on a higher platform is a challenge everyone will struggle with especially if it's your first time and you are stage fright.

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