Why Child's Education is important?

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I want to shift some attention to our younger generation. Being a teacher for quite sometime, I have had a lot of observations. In this prominent age on constant development, we should be aware of the activities of our children.

Part of my motto and principles is to educate children, not only to attain high grades and marks but to push them to another level of using their intellectual mind, to become innovative and to be good patriots.

Some of us are lucky to have an opportunity to pursue an education, while some suffer at the hands of poverty.
The question of why do innocent children have to suffer? When we all can do something to change this.

A recent study shows that One Hundred and Sixty Million children are forced into child labor, One point Two million trafficked each year, Eighty Million are employed in dangerous work and One Hundred and Forty Million are sexually abused at the hands of elders. Stats proved by research.

 At every step of their life, they are being deprived of happiness. A joy which they deserve. It's very
essential that they are allowed to enjoy this learning stage of their life. In many countries, you would see this increasing rise of child molestation and forced to do things to sustain their survival. While, we the bigger ones, sit with a close eye as if this is okay.

The best scenario, put yourself in their shoes. Feel the pain and struggle that they are experiencing, and then question yourself. Do they need to go through this? Some of us can't imagine it, as it's so terrible to see yourself in such a situation. Then that is why we need to step forward to make a change for innocent life.

What happens to the humanity within us? We don't need to be rich to contribute. Our service is a blessing gifted, which we all must utilize, and for sake of the less fortunate and poor.
Every child deserves to grow up and enjoy their childhood days. It is those experiences and lessons, that will mold them into the person they will become. Should we be living in a present world where children are constantly being taken advantage of, then what future are we perceiving?

I agree, it's difficult for some family, which is way below the poverty line. This is where I plead to those educationalist, please give free classes to those unfortunate children, let them feel they have a future and not neglected because of their problems. It's we who need to show them love, heal them with  affection. So they can find the strength within themselves to grow up.

Remember, our little actions will make such a big difference to their lives. When you see, children are pressured to work. Raise your voice, engage yourself. Children, should and must never be deprived of an education, under any circumstance. 

Donate a book, give free classes where you think its needed the most. Invest in them and they will see the hope and light to grow, to smile and to shine.
Be that change, you want to see!

To Educate is to ignite our intellect, To innovate is to create, To success is to grow step by step.

Many hands are better than one! If we has adults can do that one thing to help change the life of a child, then you are doing more than you can imagine. Give them the opportunity they crave for and let the stars and smiles continue to shine.

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