How and why you to remember what you read?

Reading or studying a book is something very easy to do, but remembering what you read is what really matters.
The difference between what you read and how you read makes an important point in what you wish to remember.

For my students who struggle with recalling what they read.
These tips are simple and apply to every reader.
It's not what book you read, it is how you read and learning to read it better.

Always take notes of what you read- Read with a pencil or highlighter. Underline, main sentences or those you don't understand.

Ask yourself questions of what you reed after completing a page or paragraph- Upon completing a page or paragraph, ask yourself what was the main storyline, write it down on a paper or saying it loud, what you understood.

Reading out loud to a group of friends or yourself- By reading to yourself or a group, you are more likely to remember the material.

Incorporating what you have read with an activity- When we do something, we are bound to remember that moment, e.g if you are reading on how to write a blog. Then make brief notes on a note pad so you can remember the points.
Understanding what you reed is much more valuable than reading 5 books in a week.

It's understandable not all of us are sharp with studying and remember what is read or taught. I have gone through such instances every time. How I solve it, I experiment and look for other ways and see how my brain relies on those. If you are having the same issue, then give these a try. Your comments are welcome with honor. 

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