10 Top tips for learning

From time to time, we all have problems recalling or memorizing what we studied or reed. On today's blog, I will be sharing some tips, which I give my students, to better understand and remember what has been taught and how they should remember even after a long time.

  1. Creating a study plan- Draft out a time table to regulate your hours of study. Chose a specific time.

  2. Taking study breaks
    - Concentration is important, stop, recharge, take a nap and go again.
  3. Build your own study notes- Summaries what you have read, by making brief notes. Instead, of trying to memorize every word from the text. Make your own notes with your words which you will easily remember. Highlight the main points!
  4. Getting enough sleep- Taking intervals from your time table, regain your focus with X amount of sleep or rest.
  5. Enhancing your learning skills based on your mistakes- We all learn from our mistakes. More importantly, identify them and find ways to improve that they are not repeated.
  6. Practicing under testing conditions- Group studying and testing will be very handy to help you and as well as your friends. Remember what was taught or reed. Recognize your weak areas and take a stand where needed.
  7. Applying to learn in real life-By adding what you have been taught or reed to your daily life, you will better understand and remember it. Similarly, we do what we were taught in order for business growth. Get creative!
  8. Research and focus on what you have learned- By searching for more information on what you have learned, this will widen your knowledge on that particular topic.
  9. Testing yourself regularly- Revise what you have been taught at least 3-4 times.
  10.   Asking questions- Asking questions at the end of a lesson, gives you the opportunity to better understand something you are not clear on. Ask for example to be included, whatever it pertains to.   
Try these out, and be sure to see improvement in remembering what you have learned or reed.

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