Help Stop Bullying Now!

Are you being bullied?
Are you constantly, being attacked and trampled on over and over, by your peers and others? This can really cause damages internally and externally. Bullying has been around for sometime now. As far as I can remember.

80% of introverts are victims. Take stand Majority of us give up, while some close to flight back and put an end to it. Picking on children, who seems quite and excelling, or those who are disabled in some way or the other. Bullying at an early age, can go on to cause severe injuries to one's frame of mind and the way he/she socialize with others. As some of you might have been lucky enough that, you were not bullied. Good for you!

I'm sure, you have seen the trauma that a child goes through. And by relating to those incidents, you are able to teach and avoid this from prolonging. If you are parent, student, school authority, or victim of bullying. Tragedy at its peek

Please be reminded that such incidents, should and must never be taken lightly. The bruises and scars can be very deep, especially for those, who don't have any support from family or friends. You can definitely do something about it!

Simple things are listed below, how you can help a victim of bullying or yourself;

  1. Do something, when you see something, report it - Incidents happens behind close doors, which isn't visual to many of us. If you notice something unusual or strange. Don't hesitate or turn a blind eye on it. Intervene, as soon as you can, by informing higher authorities. That because you never know, when someone life can be in serious danger.
  2.  What to do when you are being bullied - If you are a victim, consider taking these and remembering them. Instead of retreating to the preparatory, ask the person you are bullied by, in a calm tone of voice to stop, and it's not very nice, that you're being hurt and why? walking away or staying away is always advisable, if you see something different. Seek help from a teacher or inform a friend, as you might be at risk, if that person becomes ravenous.
  3. Standing up for others - Often, we ignore the things we see, that is been done to another person, just because, he/she might have been your foe or have harmed you in the past. Despite, all that happened in the past, never let it be a problem or obstacle in your present or future. Don't regret that you should've done something after it is all done. Be kind, sit with that friend or foe and let them know you have their back, if anything should go wrong.
  4. Learning to defend yourself when your alone -  Sometime, we are stuck in a situation, where we cannot call for help. In such case,  educate yourself and practice self-defense moves. Protect yourself, and at the same time don't cause injuries to your victim. Not every time, someone will be there for you. Be confident as you will never know, when the unexpected is about to happen.
  5. Cyber bullying Block and remove those people - People are losing their lives, especially children. Technology takes us to another level, But not befitting in every way. Talk to your child. Find out whats going on. Be realistic and advice the what is good and bad. 
Take a stand, even if you are not the one attacked. A life is at stake and your little action and mean so much! There is always someone who you can speak to.

My humble gratitude to the readers, I appreciate you taking time to stop by. Make a difference and lets together help stop bullying.

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