Are you tried of Procrastinating again and again?

Can't stop yourself? Take that step towards achievements!

How you can overcome and move to the next level of completing that long planned goal or a just simple day-to-day agenda. Procrastination is your comfort zone, when you will make these practices a hobby, then you can excel at your best potential.
Three ways to take  action, implement and reach for the heights you always want. Take the leap and finish all you want and wish to.

Reasons for delaying that goals/dreams and how you can stop yourself from putting it off again.

Decision fatigue - Wasting energy on small things, can drain you out. Save your best for the bigger goals. In this case, your brain is put under less pressure.

How to do this?

Instead, make an agenda the evening before, for small and big things, you wish to finish for the next day. Avoid wasting too much of your time and juice on the mini things, that doesn't have much importance. At the start of the day, energy levels are very high and effective, get your bigger priorities done at this time.

Doing it, by taking small steps and testing it - Adapting to fruitful habits, always requires hard work and dedication. As much as, it is a struggle to continue from start onwards. You must take the first step.

How to do this?

Assign yourself a short list of small things, and a specific time daily. Check and complete! Test yourself and reach for the next step once you become accustom and can manage. Small steps Big priority!

Less thinking and do what matters to you -  Because, we want and try to please others. We over ride our decisions. To satisfy others, only keeps your list waiting and waiting.

How to do it?

Great ideas doesn't come to your mind frequently. when you get a nudge of it, act on it right away. Don't hesitate to hit on the things that matters to you.

Might sound like a slice of cake, but speaking from experience, it's always a dull moment at the end of the day, when you look at the unchecked items, so to speak. We  held over day after day, the very small things. When you set out to do that task, complete there and then. With all your checked boxes marked, you are then more confident and ready to take on bigger challenges.

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  1. My every day challenge, putting it off for tomorrow and another, and another. Thanks Patel Classes!