Excuses we make [ 5 strategies]

 Even though we all are well aware of the excuses, we make from time to time, not all are willing to accept it. Excuses are ways of avoiding things you might not be comfortable with or something that you deliberately don't want to face. It can be many of a sort.

Whether it's completing your degree, leaving a goal/dream halfway through or simply doing, the things on your daily, to-do list. Determination is the key to success. Avoid excuses from surfing the mind.

Having or creating an opened mind of thoughts, and how you can do it, will eliminate the excuses that we put before of us.

Most common excuses me make every time when we are challenged by something or someone.

  • I'm too busy or I don't have time - Yes, if not every single time, the majority of those confrontations, we give in to these. Starting a simple habit of drinking enough water or working out. Putting it off, again and again. How to stop this? Not wait or cancel for another time. Do it now and at this moment. Complete today's agenda and don't wait for tomorrow.
  • I'm too tired and drained - Sometimes, we all get fatigued and wearied down, because of workload and life's adversities. Complaining and confining to yourself is only giving comfort satisfaction to these excuses. If you are passionate, about what that thing you want to accomplish. Then, you will never let tiredness come in front of you. Get up and fight even, when you feel you are breathing your last. Fighters are winners and losers are those who constantly blame others and things for their failure.
  • No support and no money - A syndrome we are placed before us when those moments face us. Money can be an issue, only if you make an issue of it. Too many simple things we demand money for. Blaming and saying, "only if  I had money, I could've have done this and that." Leave money as your last option. As for support, all you need is you, your inner strength, the voice in your head and the direction and your final destination. 
  •  I'm not smart and I'm an introvert - The necessity of a college degree or masters, should at no time come in the way of living those dreams you want to. We are all smart in a unique way, but comparing yourself to another, will only bring you down to the grounds. Most introverts are successful people. Why? Because they sit, observe, analyze and solve. So, if you are, then look deeper within and stop using it as a tool, that is hindering your victory.
  • I'm too old and blaming another - Age is just a number. We aren't too old to learn and do those simple things, that we held back over and over. To discard all your faults and weakness, you continue to shed the blame on others. "Because of you, I failed" or "Your intentions cause me to lose". Your intentions and initial steps are for you, not others. You think age and others are the reasons for your own fault. Then think again. It's you, the problem is you think the best and easy way out is to use others as your clutch. 


Become a victor and not a victim of your own excuses. The choices are in your hands, chose with a positive mindset and attitude.

The fruit of everything good in life begins with a challenge.

Thank you for stopping by! Turn your excuses into innovative ways to get what you desire and need!

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