For Students, Ways on how to get good grades for an Assignment

Specially requested by my students. Too often I'm bombing barded with questions from my students. That I myself have to research on. I agree, I'm a teacher, and that's my duty/responsibility to give the possible correct answer.

But recently, I had given a few assignments and not many were completed or did well. So, as I began questioning the reasons as to why this was so. I was not surprised by the responses I received. "Sir, I don't know much about this, my parents are to busy to help me, though I have some knowledge, I didn't know how to start, I was just copying the notes from the Internet, word for word.

After, listening to all. I felt it was essential for me to guide them, ways on how they can research and gain info.

Ways to complete an assignment with good grades:

  1. Knowing your topic- What you are expected to gather, information about.
  2. Find ways to obtain your information- The Internet is the best way to read or equip yourself with knowledge on your required topic. For those, without an Internet connection, talk to others, who might have knowledge about that. Read textbooks, magazines, look at the news, etc.
  3. Making brief notes in your own words- Copying exactly what you see or read, is not acceptable. You should always remember what you read. Make short notes, your work will appear more genuine.
  4. Giving your work structure- As much information you gather, if your work doesn't have a structure, then the reader will be confused and don't know where to start. A content page is very necessary like you will see in many short stories. secondly introduction, a description of what the assignment is based on, third the body, which is the topic. Every detailed data you collected. Lastly, your conclusion, your thoughts, and what you have learned from the topic you researched for.
  5. Presentation- The way you present your work, should be taken into consideration as well. At no time you should give less attention to this. Have your work placed and pinned in a clean folder, stating your name and topic.


Assignments are a way of learning and researching new things, you may have no or less knowledge about. And the way you go on to do it is very important. These strategies is a win-win. You are sure to get good and excellent marks by applying these to your every assignment and any other project.

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