Importance of a PTM ( Parents, Teacher Meeting)

Warm New Year's wishes to all my viewers. I'm Dharam Patel. The owner and director of Patel Classes. In this new year, my mission remains the same and for those who are new here. Just a reminder, "Our goal is to promote everybody for the success and work towards a successful future." "We truly believe that success doesn't come from doing a lot in one day, it comes from doing a little more every day." 

However, I am considering having ( P.T.M ) Parents/Teachers Meetings twice annually. It is of extreme importance, I wish to discuss this here today. In these meetings, parents and teachers will be communicating and discussing their child's academics and areas which they need to improve on.

Frequently, parents give less or no interest and attention, as to how their kids are performing at school. As much as you are making every effort to pay their tuition fees and sending them to school, such you must keep a weekly track of how they are doing with their studies.

I know most of you will say there is no need for ( P.T.Ms ), as you can make a call and speak to the teacher directly on the phone. Some may say, they are too busy and has no time. While a few may say, we pay you to teach our child/children. It's your responsibility.

 At no point in time, you should resort to such words. Yes, I agree, of 100%, we as teachers have 75% on our shoulders, but what about the 25% that parents should take care of. That's why it's necessary that we meet and talk with each other, about your child's activities, how they are accelerating, in which field they need to put extra work and how we as parents/teachers can work together to implement the changes where needed.

My humble request, that all parents take this seriously and make time, to keep a check on their child's studies. They are the future of tomorrow and we need to give keen interest and time towards them. I'm looking forward to your kind cooperation and interaction in the future, especially in our P.T.M. I will inform you in the near future until dates are set for our meetups.

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