How we can Manage our own time?

We don't waste the money, we toiled day and night for, something we can earn again and again. But why do we waste time, which can't be bought or taken back? Value time and not money!

A key tool to time management is staying in charge and executing schedules according to, how it's planned. As much as, you value time, you must use it wisely, and not for unimportant things.

We can't rewind the hands of the clock, but what we can do, is manage how we spend our time and on the things that really matter.

As we stroll through our daily life, it's important we take notice of the things we do and the choices we make. Words, actions and time, goes hand in hand.

The path you pave now will tell what future you are paving for yourself. The most successful people, choose to spend their time on education and broadening their knowledge, consistently updating and learning new things.

While, those who find themselves in trying situations are the ones who waste their time on non-beneficial things, that are irrelevant to the problems they are facing.

The time that is once gone, can't be brought back. And it's about time we face this universal truth and start using time more thoughtfully.

Every day, we are given 86,400 seconds of our life. You use it or not, at the end of the day is gone. There is no brought forward from the previous day.

An old account is balanced and the next day a new one is open once again. How we choose those items and the costs will have a significant result at the end of Life's Balance Sheet.

Time is amazing in it's a true self, it doesn't discriminate against young or old, rich or poor, Indians or Americans, man or animal, Hindus or Muslims or any other category you may be of.

A precious gift, gifted by God, utilize it to cultivate a mind of wisdom, spirituality, compassion and a meaningful life

By thinking you have time, you continue to pass it on unwanted things. Instead, invest in meaningful relationships, service to others, self-care, family time, etc.

Time flies and once it's gone, you can't get it back. Before it's too late, act now and use it like you would spend your hard earn cash.

Below are some ways how you can manage your precious time.

  • Every evening, make a list of things you wish to do for the next day, in this way, your brain will be less pressured to make decisions on small things or remembering the things you need to do.
  • Allocating time, to be with loved ones.
  • Prioritize your goals, avoid wasting time on things that are not important or urgent.
  • Knowing those distractions that consume your time and replace them with things that have meaningfulness.
  • Learning to say no to the people who try to involve you in the habit of gossiping and unnecessary interactions.
It's dangerous when you try to please others, especially on those things that are not relevant. Put yourself first, don't waste your time for another, if they don't value it.

Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate your few minutes. Remember, you can't buy time, use it accordingly.

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