4 Simple ways why you need to value yourself and your time.

The reason why you find the most successful people, successful, is because they value their self and time wisely.

Knowing the importance and making the sacrifice when they have to. Time is valuable and can't be earned, identify the significance of it.

For most of you, who complains over and over, again and again, about your poverty-stricken life.

And how time has been unfair to you, are those who don't want to accept their mistakes and move ahead.

Often, we undervalue the time given to us, putting others ahead of our own and speaking of unworthy causes.

We allow ourselves to be distracted, by giving importance to gossiping, social media, illicit drugs, etc.

Start making smart and meaningful decisions, where you will see yourself benefiting in the long term. Time consumption

I'm very glad to share these simple ways on how you can start adding value into your life with the time you have, which will eventually lead you to see the worthiness yourself.

  1. Your big picture, that big shot or spot, should be about you. What I'm accomplishing today and with how much time I have to finish this? With all the hassle and bustle, and distraction, you get strayed away from time to time, and when this happens, learn to ask yourself these few questions.  What are my priorities? How much time do I have left, to complete my goal? Am I working towards my objectives? Sometimes, we have unexpected emergencies and changes of plan, these are acceptable. Constant distraction by social media, friends without no aim, partying and gossiping, results in creating stress and frustration, losing the lead on your path. You should have a purpose, a goal, otherwise you will end up wasting this precious gift of life and your possible potentials. As you search your mind for the answers, you will reach and perform to your maximum ability and skills. 
  2. How to spend your days? Advance planning for the next day or week should be a must, as your day can be spent, letting distractions take you over. And at the end of the day, you feel terrible. Saying to yourself that the day was either worthless, pointless or aimless. What a waste of another day, we often say? That is why you must take time to write a to-do list, the night or week before, in this case, you are well aware of what you have to accomplish and what your time should be dedicated to. Have a daily structure of how your days should be, so it will be easier for you. Remember, your days should not only include work but also sparing time for family, self-care and recreational activities.
  3. Using your time smartly, we all lose track of our schedule and let little things engulf us. With the time you have left after focusing on your priorities, you can use it for those things, like social media, Netflix, etc on the go. Make an effort to value your goals and your time, then you will find the ideal meaning of your life. When you are free and have time to spare. Divide it equally among the things that are of less importance. Examples reading a book, hanging out with friends, exercise, shopping, outings or learning a new skill.
  4. Let others know that your time is worthy, by being frank and clear about your aims and objectives. Your indication will make a statement and possible inspiration for another. For some, they might take it the other way, but by giving yourself much-needed importance over someone or something. You are one step ahead of your goal. Your time is your temporary asset, which you will use to access your permanent assets. It's like collecting bricks every step of the way to build your staircase to success. Because some of us continuously let others ride on our back and not realizing the advantage taken of. We eventually fail and fall. Here are a few common things we make most of the time and how to avoid and put an end to it.
  • Being a yes man, admit it. You can't say no when your friends ask or force you to do something. I'm guilty, I have done it too many times only to regret it. It's your willingness, they continue to exploit you, thinking its okay to do so, as that how friends are supposed to be. You are only valuing those people and giving less or no importance to yourself or life. Say no when you think you need to. It's your first leap to becoming an achiever.
  • 24/7 on-call, whether you accept this or not, we all go over our call timings. Strategize a plan to move away and how to closely manage it. Specific timings will help you from going back again and again to your social media profiles and making unnecessary calls. Have a schedule for checking and replying to your messages, emails and calls.
  • Paying keen attention to your time plan, things don't always go as we plan. But speaking about those other times, when we would say, it's okay to go over for a few minutes or so. Due to this, you lose the time and direction of your plan activities, causing it to be held over or laden back. Abiding by your time table will help in managing things better. For example, if you have a meeting for 30 minutes, then discuss everything relevant to the meetup and not on other things. Let others know you have other things to do rather than having drinks to mark or celebrate the meeting.
  • Time is not a commodity or service that you can purchase on the shelves of the stores. So when you do things, take into consideration where and on what you are placing your time on. Once it is wasted, it's gone. The way you use your time will help you see the worth in yourself and with the things you do. How to do this? Make a list of the most important things that matter to you. Just don't make a list, but get them done, otherwise it may never get completed, as time waits for no one. Value your time and eventually, you will begin to find the true purpose of existence.


You might be having questions popping up here and thereafter reading this article.

All of which you have answers to. Look deeper and start using your time wisely.

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