Why Successful Kids excels faster?

Isn't it every parent's dream or goal to see their kids grow up to become a successful man or woman? Despite whatever field they chose or good at.

Definitely, that's why they put every effort into sending them to school and college, allowing them to grow within themselves and their surroundings.

As time goes by, you all as parents have to grow old and eventually reach your final destination.

Which parents wish failure for their children? Not so many I know of.

Share in the comment box, if you are aware of such experience.

Being an Indian, I have always witnessed and gone through the discipline, detention, and comparison Indian kids had to endure.

The overall opinion about this is that it can both negatively and positively impact the mindset of that child.

However, the majority of the time those children will go on to make a name for themselves and creating an impact on society and youngsters.

If you are having a hard time molding your kid, that is not doing so well in his/ her studies, then look no further, start here now!

Action Plans

Assigning small tasks/chores within the home

Yes, you heard it, be it, boy or girl. Train them to take responsibility for small things. Examples of cleaning their room, taking out the garbage, arranging the dinner table, doing the dishes, etc.

Many times, we mislead ourselves and let others control our actions and thoughts, by saying boys should this and girls should do that.

By handing these tasks to your kids, you shaping them for the future that lies ahead. Self-responsibility is a must than depending on others to get your work done for you.

Limit screen time

In case you haven't notice that children are having too much exposure to cell phones, tablets, computers, television, and gaming consoles.

A distraction is very prominent resulting in fallbacks in your child's studies. Spending time and using it as a clutch for studying, when it's otherwise.

These carry their own benefits, but apart from a decrease in the academics. These can have severe effects on their health (eyes, ears, and brain).

The dangers of these continue to be hazardous to kids and adults too. Here is a few articles Impact of Technology on proven cases.

Cases of bodily damages,  social media outbursts on teenagersIt shouldn't be taken away completely especially in this growing age of technology advancement, instead, monitor the timings your kids spend or demand seizure of it during study periods.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics recommended reading a child screen time is base on the age group. Are as follow:

18 months or younger: No screen time at all, except for video chatting.

18-24 years; High-quality media. They should be accompanied by a parent to help them understand what they are seeing.

2-5 years: 1 hour per day and of high-quality digital media.

6 and older: Place consistent limits on the time spent using the media and make sure it does not take the place of sleep, physical activities and other behaviors essential to health.

Read to them

Reading has proven to improve a child's literacy and how he/she speaks. How many of you make time to sit and read with your kid?

Back in the older days, my mom used to read me bedtime stories and reading materials.

This is not so prevalent these days as social media and technology are rapidly taking over and time seems invaluable more than spending an hour or two to revise homework and such.

Realizing the benefits derived from reading to and with your kid will boost the verbal communication and become better readers, writers, and speakers.

Delaying Gratification/Gifts

As much as you want to show your child how much you are pleased with their performance. Be careful not to over-award them for every little or the smallest achievements.

I appreciate the work at the end of the school year or final exams. Too much pampering and fulfilling their demands can create future problems.

Giving gifts for small accomplishments will spoil future expectations especially when you wouldn't be unable to meet those. Let them work hard for those wishes and gifts.

When you teach them patience and persistence, it sets them up for taking on more difficult tasks in the future.

Letting them Fail

The biggest mistake parents make, is by sheltering your kid from failure and the outside world. Failure is the key ingredient to a successful life.

Of course, it hurts to see them fail and this makes you weak and wants to reach out to help and shield them. It's not always the best you can do in most circumstances. Let them feel it, it will be a lesson to learn from; giving them experiences for the future.

If you want to do something, change your habits and ways on how you handle an everyday situation, more specifically become role models for them.

Failure also humbles them into understanding that they will not win every time and not all time.

Encourage their Passion

The best thing you can do, is to allow your child to do what he/she loves doing, let them explore the minds and skills. This will enable them to know what they are good and bad at.

Your support will give them value and meaning and help them to excel faster in those interests.

Sometimes you find parents push and force his/her child into doing the things they want them to do, as they think it their dreams and goals that matter, even though that child doesn't like it.

Your words of encouragement can make a huge difference when you take that initial step of support. Because of their likes and dislikes your lending hand of support will shape what is best for their future,

Your passion is for you and purpose for others. Your passion

This brings it to the end of all the actions you can take to see your child shine like the others would. Roll your sleeves up and stop being the shelter of protection of your child's successful life. 

The changes will surprise you, once you put these into practices. I hope you will find these useful and apply in that area where you need to make adjustments. Thanks for stopping by!

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