Why Women need to be Empowered?

With 25 years in the making, we have accomplished yet another milestone as women. Give yourself a round of applause and let the legacy of excellence continue to grow and spread in all areas, where much-needed attention should be addressed.

Yes, dear readers, it's March 8, International Women's Empowerment day, for those who don't know about this. It's time you read up on this, and just to say you at the right place to start.

What is Women's Empowerment?

Is the process in which women elaborate and recreate what it is that they can be, and accomplish in the circumstances in which they are and were in. A few definitions below, just in case you are still not clear on the whole meaning of "Women's Empowerment". 

  • Increasing the capacity of a woman or group of women to make choices and transform those choices into desired actions and outcomes.
  • The ability to enjoy your rights to control and benefit from resources, assets, income and your own time, as well as the ability to manage risk and improve your economic status.

Women - A woman is a female human being. The word woman is usually reserved for an adult person. This can mean in any races, ethnicity, caste or religion.

Empowerment - Empowerment is the process that creates power in individuals over their own lives, society and in the community.

You are empowered when you are able to access the opportunities available to you, without limitations and restrictions. You are empowered when you take the lead of your life, starting with you yourself in your own space.

You are entitled to take control of your own decisions and take actions where and when needed. This includes raising the status of fellow women through education, awareness of health issues, literacy, training in specific areas and simple human rights.

Women's Grievance and struggles

Women residing in rural areas and urban slums are among those who are denied and robbed of even their basic rights. Conservative social norms have been a hindrance where women are confined within their homes and not allowed out of the villages to work and such.

Due to this very reason, ignorance continues to grow, lacking information about self-awareness, health issues, social problems, and guidelines to improve one's standard of living.

I have prepared a list below that many of you will recognize or familiar with. A Girl Child's Life

  • Deprived of an education, because we are considered failures and burden
  • Early marriage and forced decisions
  • Domestic violence and abuses
  • Lack of health care and basic needs
  • Discrimination in gender and races

Why we as women need to be empowered?

Because men are known to be dominant, you as women tend to feel lesser and look down upon yourself, considering yourself unworthy of life and its achievements. By letting this feeling engulf you again and again. You are setting yourself up for nothing but failure to dreams and your community.

If you want to see changes then start with yourself. No one, at no time should defy your qualities, abilities or worthiness to accomplish the things your desire for. Should we continue to let the rampage behavior of men destroy our lives? How many lives have been lost because of this outrage in men ( especially Husbands)?  Brutality in public place Why are you being a victim of constant abuse and violation?
Your voice is your power and your actions will bring even greater power.

Young or old, you deserve every right as a woman and a human being. An important point to remember when you do whatever you set out to do, it's not only for yourself but you are inspiring other women who have lost hope in life and their problems. Together we can and divided we fall!

Women are breaking all norms and expanding their horizon

With a growing number of organizations worldwide. Women have moved to a higher level in society and within themselves. We have shown our capabilities of doing any and everything, that man can possibly do. From working in the comforts of our home to constructing and building empires in the daring weather Famous woman. Over the 25 years span, women have indeed come a long way. Women are no longer those women from the past, we are more than and no lesser than. We are superwoman! 

Women's Accomplishments 

You name it and we have nailed it. In every area and field, excelling and spreading worldwide. An accomplishment is not always about you, it's about using it to help another being. In this way, you go on to share and care and accomplish more and more by your contribution with your recognition.
These women made history, and their name and work are still prevalent in today's fasted pasted economy. Read and educate yourself with the work women have done for you. It's your turn to make history, for you and the future women. Nothing can stop you if you are determined to take the risks to inspire a change and write your destiny.

Are you ready to blaze new trails and show the world your hidden worthiness?

Can you imagine a world in which we use our strength to empower ourselves and our community? All real women have started appreciating themselves, exactly the way they are. What are you waiting for? Stop comparing yourself among each other. We are unique in our own ways and with that, we always bring new ideas to the table. Your path is our path, a team, an army, that's how a war can be won, by togetherness.
How can you start? Talk to people in the relevant organizations at your workplace and community. Voice your opinion where you see injustice is being done.  Get involve, encourage female to follow their passion, speak to abuse victims, reach out to rural women and help with accessing health facilities, etc. Supporting each other makes the team stronger and undefeated. 
More in depth of the ways how you can venture out to find help for yourself and others.

  • Grabbing education programs in your reach - To empower other women, you first need to educate yourself. This is where education plays a key role in helping you grow, mentally, emotionally and physically. With confidence, self-love and a positive mindset, you are ready to conquer all. It is knowledge you need to seek your passion and dreams. Elevate yourself to higher bonds in society and do your purpose.
  • Building a positive mindset - We talk about the need for a positive mindset above. Here you will understand more of why it is an important part of the initial steps towards a successful empowered woman. The mind is a very powerful entity that we use to control everything within our inner being. Thinking positively through all situations gives a woman a sense of calm, peace of mind and self- worth. See positiveness in the little things you do and eventually, with that, you will build a storm of positivity in your life.
  • Self- confidence and belief in yourself - You are educated and now with a positive mindset. Your next step is confidence and belief in yourself that you can do all things within and without your reach. With these, you are now able to take on challenges and no chance to let failure wins. Even with failures, self- confident women view and use these as a way to a comeback, learn, grow and keep trying and trying for the things the dream and desire. It is a fact that, yes we do get a shift of focus and beat up ourselves sometimes, but as I mention, it is all part of the learning process to becoming successful.
  • Risk taker -  Men are no longer the ones who take those leaps and jump overboard. Women have proven to be risk takers by doing the unexpected when least expected. To difficult routes and directions, knowing the dangers and fatality. Women continue to thread the way to find success in what they do. Any woman can do it if she wants to see the changes in herself and the world. It starts here at this very moment with you. Persistence, consistency, and determination will bag the dreams of any empowered woman. Keep shining like the stars!
In conclusion to all being said, and since it's Women's Empowerment day. My word to you is who you want to be, don't let anything stop you from reaching out to seek help or just voicing your own rights and opinion. Never entertain the feeling of failure for all our experiences, both good and bad are lessons to succeed sooner or later. Learn from them and climb the staircase to success. If you
are women reading this, who have been through those devastating moments then you will certainly take the time to pass this on and spread the message of women empowerment. I appreciate you taking the time to read and implement. Let's work together to build a better world where women are respected and recognize!

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