Why you need these to achieve success? [ 5 Qualities ]

Often you say to yourself and to others that, I have this dream or this goal, that I want to achieve. You Bragg and Bragg all about it. Days, months and years fries but you are still at that place, trying to reach that desired objective.

Trying a few things here and there, but nothing seems to work. Instead, stop and look around you, stop searching for the answer in other people success!

What you need to do is make a plan, your plan and what it includes must be the real reason why you are working towards that dream/goal.

I had to face this challenge and navigate my way around to know exactly what will work for me and why I'm doing it.

Your "why" is very important. For most of us, we do it for ourselves, for success, to gain recognition, self-satisfaction. all the goodies that come with it. while you will find a few doing it for a close friend or their family. It differs in both situations.

What you really need to question yourself, "is whatever I'm doing, will it bring out the best in me? Is it the authentic me? How am I going to benefit now and in the long term? Do I feel fulfilled and happy within?

If you haven't ask yourself these questions as yet, press pause and reflect on what you have done so far and how it helped you? After you have done that, take a few minutes to inhale and exhale deeply.
And confidently ask yourself those questions, write your answer on a paper and keep as a constant reminder when you go off track.

Your Goal, Your Dream

What is that one thing you are chasing? Your goals or your dreams, the things you want to achieve, that everyone will recognize you for. It could have started from your childhood, your teenage years or in your adult life. Someone or something that inspired you to thread into that direction, whatever it is.

Basing your goals or dreams on something illusional will not get you anywhere. Having a dream is like having a passion for that specific thing, whatever happens, if you fail, you rise again and again. That's a true dream, only when you will fight for it through all the trials and tribulations.

Not having a plan

A plan is essential as knowing what your aim is. You can have a clear picture of what you want but not having a plan on how to execute it will never give you that end result you are looking to get. It's like hoping that a miracle will happen, haha.

Miracles do happen but not all the time and to everyone. Your strategy and structure are the staircases to your dreams/goals.

5 Must have Qualities

The first steps that you must take to reach the next level. Below you will find more of what I'm going to tell.
  1. Commitment - Without being committed to that one thing. You will find yourself picking and choosing other things. When you commit yourself to that one dream/goal you are making an investment. An investment for the future. Whatever knocks you down, you keep going at it. Be committed to your goal and that one aim. Small Steps Big Priority Example, if your goal is becoming the perfect dancer, don't let the things your friends do distracts you, just because its bigger than you are chasing.
  2. Discipline - Your choices are you, you chose the negative things then obviously your results will be the same. Sticking to the commitment you have made, the positive thing will take you to what you deserve after all the dedication and hard work you put into it. Example consciously being aware of good and bad things. Success
  3. Consistency - Continuously putting every piece of work needed to take you to your heights. The Small steps taken now is the path you're slowly building towards your destination. Some of us have an on and off switch, Today you are all pumped up and ready to throw all your time and efforts, then come tomorrow, you are making excuses and doing the opposite of it. A typical example we all make is that we start working on that one specific thing and after seeing no progress, we give in to failure. Success doesn't happen overnight. Remember this! Read more
  4. Faith - Having confidence and belief in your commitment, even when the odds are against you. Your adversities will knock you down, people will throw stones at you, telling you, it's not possible and you can't do it. But the faith you have in yourself and the power to break through and go beyond all means will surely bear fruit. Belief in yourself!
  5. Heart - Putting your heart and soul into the things you are aiming for. Setting your mindset in the right direction with your goals/dreams. You control your mind and the things you do, no one does.  Because you put your greatness into it, nothing can or will stop you. Even when you are burned out, you will fight back, as you love what you are doing and do your best and to your utmost ability.
With all being said, find clarity in what you do and apply these. Don't just read, but implement, tell a friend.

Do a challenge, if you are unable to take the first steps alone. Success is knocking at your door. Wake up and find what and where you are going wrong. 

Share and leave a comment, if this empowers you to get on the tracks again. I will love to hear your thoughts and what you are facing.

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