10 Best tips for Learning English Language

Officially spoken in 53 countries and counting. You will definitely question yourself why you haven't taken an English class as yet.

Over 400 million people worldwide converse in the English language. This shows to prove that in the future this will definitely continue taking flight.

For native speakers, it is not a struggle, unlike those who are beginners and intermediates.

In a country like India, approximately 30% speak English. However, if you are someone who speaks fluent English, automatically is label as an intelligent guy.

For them, you are an inspiration and will be considered for any relevant related work.

It has been misled that, for someone to learn the English language. You have to go through massive courses and comprehensive writings. This is not the case!

I must clarify that this is not true and at no time, let anyone discourages you from learning English language.

Having been a teacher for more than 10 years, I have developed a habit of a self-taught lesson.

Spending nine months in the theatrical area and three months in practical speaking. I have evolved as a fluent speaker.  All done through YouTube lessons, free online classes, etc. My story

Now I have English classes added to the list of subjects I teach. And with no professional paid tuition taken.

Today, I want to clear all the misconceptions about learning the English language.

These three essential qualities you must exhibit to excel in this and any field you might wish to progress.

The ability to learn or grasp, implement the practices and keep an ongoing consistency of what you have learned.

Add these tricks as a daily practice and you will see results you have been longing for.

  1. Accept as a hobby - You know that this is not something you enjoy, but doing can become what will be an interesting hobby with benefits. During your spare time, take at least 30-40 minutes to learn the little things. Note to remember, don't rush into the Tertiary level, but take the baby steps to get on the way. Pressurizing yourself as a beginner is not advisable. 
  2. Setting small goals every day of the week - Commit yourself to learn 10 new words every day and reading two short stories per week. A little challenge can take you a long way, leading to higher levels. 
  3. Taking notes of things you are not clear on - Brushing it under the carpet is not the best solution. Jotting down the notes, If you are uncertain of what you learn. Seek help and clear your confusion. Next time when you see the word or phrase. You will understand better.
  4. Learning through popular social media sites - Thinking of signing up for an English class in at your institution? When you can do it from the comfort of your home and on your favorite social platform. From YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, free online courses, etc. Utilize what is conveniently available to you and which will be of no cost. 
  5. Make friends with native speakers - Instead of having a full class of friends with Hindi tongue. Add a few online friends who speak fluent English language. Make a conversation. Device something that will be interesting and learn through your chats. As you go along, you will gradually become better and better. Your ultimate goal is learning English, but at the same time, you can make meaningful friends and conversations.
  6. See yourself as a student and a teacher - Only taking notes is not the best way to learn something new. Whatever, you have learned today, convert into practicality. Find siblings or a few neighbor kids who are eager to learn and as a teacher, have a class of your own. Your grasping will become better automatically you improving.
  7. Read everything you can get your hands on - Whether it's random a book, newspaper, brochures, etc. In this way, you are learning and updating yourself in one attempt. Going for only for the things that interest you, will not be enough. Every effort should count, even if you have to take a step out of your comfort zone.
  8. Find a friend with the same interests - Learning together has proven to be successful. You are more driven to take challenges with a friend than by yourself. 
  9. A bit of entertainment and fun - While you listen or watch your favorite songs or movie. You will get more familiar with the words. An effectless way of learning. Games are also a great way of building your word pile whilst you enjoy your favorite game of crossword, scrabble, etc.
  10. Strengthen your engagement - Taking notes and learning is only a portion of the lesson. Become curious and ask smart questions. Get involve in small programmes and practice public speaking. The feedbacks with the help you use what is learned and grow from it.
Learning any language does take work and effort. The ways of how you approach and apply will determine how far you will go.

Make it an aim as a small step and make your way slowly. Gradually and surely you will be what you want to become. 

Now that you know that learning English language is not the story of what has been told, you can be happily confident in yourself that your initial step to learning will be a success.

Apply these for any language you wish to learn and you will see there is no need to take expenses tuition.

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