Education system in India [ 3 Alternative ]

A society filled with uneducated mind creases to a blind future into a cave of haunting darkness.

Education! From since the beginning of time, why you study what you learn and for what purpose was and is a scoop to attain a higher level.

Education system in India [ 3 Alternative ]

Manpower it's called! Use to its highest capacity to alleviate poverty and ascertain exponential success.

Still seeking answers?

Allow me to take you further and let' meditate deeply into the importance and why it should be an added essential to human life.

Education is the only way to propel as a successful person, society, country and the world as a whole.

That magic key we all need to move ahead and unlock the success the future beholds. Like an allrounder, you are called upon to face both bat and ball.

Similarly, education is used in this way. Every corner and at every standpoint. Whether you are a labor or a company manager. You require a clear knowledge to understand the criteria of any job.

Educate yourself and be equipped to tackle the challenges that lie ahead Related read

The Education system in India

The education system in India is consists of three major components, i.e general, vocational and technical education.

Before the liberalization of the economy. The system was such that it was the state responsibility to grade the education system from the primary level to the master level into 17 years.

However, since the liberalization of the economy, the education system has been opened up for the welcoming of the private sector and joint venture investment.

Before the year 1990, the system was state-led which was thought to be good but the lack of resources needed resulted in limited growth in projects and such.

The Indian education system is quite different from that of foreign nations. Known for quite light and based on practical knowledge whereas in India the aim is theoretical oriented. The poor fail while the rich get ahead either by hook or crook.

The pressure has continued to some extent to date, where children are forced to outperform their peers even though they don't please and comfortable with what they are doing.

Blindfolded by this ongoing tradition, little did they realize the dangers of pushing their child in the wrong path.

Consider having a space for the practical understanding of the bases of the subject areas and applying to real life scenarios.

Students continue to work tirelessly for the sake of attaining good marks. But what about actually being out there and facing the limelight?

Rarely, some are given the opportunity to explore and introspect our intuition. Letting go of this day/night slog of getting good marks just for the satisfaction of the parents may not die out easily, because of its old and mundane structure.

Of the 29 states throughout India, very few have moved away from to adopt the updated changes.

A practical approach to the less cognitive minds

So what has to be done on improving and pulling the necessary steps to surface. You can find a few from the list below:

  1. Putting the theoretical lessons into action and thinking creative - The main focus has always been about studying the texts, lessons and bagging good grades. Having an open field for more real-time experience and understanding the lessons taught will add more visual ability to see situations and issues revolving the society in so many different ways. A way to comprehend and find alternative solutions. With this, a widen picture of what has been taught will be more prevalent as it opposes to just studying and getting good marks.
  2. Areas for all rounded development - Apart from working diligently to get those marks. Encourage them to step out and get involved in extracurricular activities, be it sports. Cultural shows, empowering programs, etc. In this way, they have a more vast idea as to actively be progressive in such areas. 
  3. Allowing children to find the things that connect with them - For those parents, when you think you are doing the best for them, you can possibly do so much bad that you are unable to recognize. Some may stumble, swallow and move on. But the majority go on to become a member of the unwanted gang. Indulging in activities that damages individually, the society and the reputation of the country. We all have something especially unique to offer and not the one thing everyone has. Let them navigate and experience the paths and find with connects better with them, cause only then you can see the best of them. There is also have proven results of a rapid increase of suicides due to failing to meet those expectations.


In close to all being said, there is only so much we can do as a community. We as adults but induce strong measures so that the state in charge can take the steps needed to enhance and update for the betterment of our future generations. In the light of all that is happening.

We hope to see the changes in the near future so that our younger ones can start to spread their wings near and far. 

If you have found value in my work, please share in the relevant areas and let's move ahead! 

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