Importance of Female Education [ Top 5 reasons ]

Education plays a vital role in everyone lives, especially females. Why? Because without education, the economy and its people will remain stagnant in dirty drains of ignorance.

In this fast-growing 21st century, education is equally important for a better standard of living as for the survival of human life.

It's agreeable that not all of us can afford to get a higher education, but more importantly, we can improvise ways to build upon our knowledge and expand with others.

We all have a right to an education, even if you are from a developing or underdeveloped country.

In the past women have faced domestic violence, leadership from their parents, spouse, etc.

We are fully aware that some of these are still prevalent in today's society.

Women continue to suffer because of the lack of exposure and knowledge of the outside world.

That there is no life outside of their home. A lot of changes have been made and the few that still exist, we need to reach out and help them see the reason to move away from that contaminated environment. Meghan Markle speech

When females are given the right tool and environment, they can grow tremendously in every area you can think of, not only for themselves but others around them too.

Over recent decades there has certainly been significant progress in female education.

Between 1970- 1992, combined primary and secondary enrolment in developing countries rose from 39 percent to 68 percent.

With particularly high rates in East Asia ( 83 percent ) and Latin America ( 87 percent ). But there is still much more to do, in the underdeveloped countries rates are only 47 percent at the primary level and 12 percent at the secondary level.

Offering females basic education is one guaranteed way to empower them with greater powers to face challenges they encounter daily. An educated woman is more likely to marry at a later age and have fewer children.

A study shows that an extra year of schooling for girls reduces fertility rates by 5 to 10 percent.

In India, for example, the infant mortality rate of babies whose mothers have received primary education is half that of children whose mothers are illiterate.

Women who have a sound education will be more dedicated to work productivity and have a better status in society.

They will become inspirations for those females, that role model every young girl will look up to.

Five undebatably reasons why every female should have an education.

  1. Self- empowerment through literacy - 63 percent of 163 million youths across the globe are females. That's more than half out of 100%. Females, gain more confidence in themselves when they are open to wider knowledge. They make wiser decisions personally and for society as well.
  2. A decline in poverty, especially in rural areas - Most of the women suffer from basic essentials. This happens in those areas that no one has chosen to look after. If these females are brought to the light of education, then there will certainly be an increase to earn and provide for their family. And from this, their children will move further and become independent individuals.
  3. A decrease in female trafficking - Women are more vulnerable to trafficking because, they are uneducated, poor and unaware of their rights. By providing females with fundamentally based education, they are more likely to navigate their pathways to the right destination, rather than thinking of their incapabilities.
  4. Socially economic involvement -  Because they have an education and conscious of the current affairs of their society, they will dedicate themselves to the political arena and programmes comprise of giving better services to the society.
  5. A thriving younger generation - Females who are parents ensure their child's education,  by taking a risk and finding opportunities. Because they see the importance for and know the benefits it comes with, unlike uneducated females, they teach their child about sticking to one direction.
Men have been ruling for too long whereas women are considered a burden and slaves to male orders. To create a stable and progressive economy.

We must equally calculate the rights to both males and females. The success should be played by both and no one lesser.

Let's together help shape the future of our females by handing them an opportunity to educate themselves.

This brings me to the end, and I must conclude. Being a teacher for almost 10 years, I have always encouraged them to take that one more step, than submitting to the easiest way.

In addition, you don't have to be a big personality to help a female. Providing reading materials and sharing your knowledge is also a way of educating them. 

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