Things Teenagers needs to stop doing! [ 3 Practices ]

Are you a parent or a teenager? If you are, then I'm glad that you are in the right place. Yes! Don't run, we all have some guilt of this somewhere along the line.

Running is not the solution, but getting to the root rather than waiting to hit your rock bottom, will be so much better.

It's difficult! I can relate, as I was once a teenager too. At that time, there wasn't much-needed guidance and as far I can remember. It was nothing like what is seen in this fast-growing technological world.

There are two things we all should be grateful for, one of the lessons from mistakes which we have made and two the growth from where were then and where we are now.

Things Teenagers needs to stop doing!

Being a teacher for just over 10 years, was indeed a challenging one. Experiences and incidents that I can still see with my bare eyes.

Because I deal with teenagers on a daily basis, and I have a birdseye view of their behavior patterns, likes and dislikes, especially in this age.

I must admit, I haven't been able to completely reform these teenagers but continuously working on reining them back on the right track. I always say the youngsters are the future of tomorrow.

And as adults, we need to do whatever it takes to ensure they are not going haywire.

Let's all face it,  more than 50% of the teenagers are out of control. Moreover, they are flooding the internet with unusual and silly activities.

They enjoy time passing by making new friends, uploading selfies every so often and sharing everything they have a plan for the day.

While some us it in a more beneficial way, by connecting and sharing ideas to improve oneself. Seriously teenagers are going beyond the limits and as parents and guardians, we need to avoid this from getting worse.

Teenagers are ought to seriously their education at this age of their life. Instead, they are more involve violence, gambling, robbery, etc.

What I wish to share with you are the stupid things teenagers are doing and some simple measures you can take to avoid your teenage kid from going beyond the boundary line.

  • Social media obsession - teenagers spend too much time browsing the internet and social site for no valuable reason. Almost everyone teenager has access to a smartphone, what they are doing, you don't a clue. Which is rapidly becoming an addiction. This has seen a significant reduction in their academics and overall performance. 
    Measure #1
    As a parent, guardian or teacher. Step up by setting restrictions at home, and in the classroom, you better able to have some control over the usage. Another thing as parents, stop giving in to your teenager's demand for new and lastest devices.

    • Being irresponsible - Teenagers have shown the least importance into accepting responsibilities given to them. Unfulfilled and unaccomplished, even those belong personally. Their dedication is more driven in the wrong direction, where isn't beneficial. Because we as a parent give too much leverage to them. They out of the way and indulge with wrongdoers.
    Measure #2
    Being a responsible parent, you would definitely want your kid to be the same. The question is how you can help them chose over their desires. Firstly, desist from helping them in every little thing. Be it homework, laundry, cleaning the room, etc. Allow them to thrive on their own when you will not be here.
    • Time spent out of the house -  teenagers have a way of manipulating things to get their way. Using assignments, projects, study groups, sleepovers and such. However, most of the time that's not the case. 
    Method #3
    Because we as parents are too busy with our adult life, we forget to keep track of the little things our teenagers too. To help them from going to those late night parties and clubbing. Set a specified time that they should return home. On this case, they have limited time or to get involved in illicit activities.


    Bringing down the curtains, whoever is reading. Whether you are a parent, guardian or teenager I implore you to take cautionary steps.

    And teenagers, know your limits. You wouldn't want to end on the wrong field or spoil you now and then regret later.

    Thank you all for stopping by. And if you have found value here, then please share with your friends and family!

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