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I have prepared a packed content on the most relevant issues being faced to date.

Giving up is not always the best option as success comes with great potential and hard work.

 If you water the plants, you will definitely have a blooming garden, likewise, if you take care of the weeds then you will more likely have a garden of weeds.

What you will find below are various mental and phycological problems we all face on a daily basis. Find yours and get started to fixing it or retracting your lost path.

A list of most frequent problems faced

Lack of self-confidence

We all lack confidence here and there. Thinking that we are not given these special qualities. What we fail to realize is that successful people weren't born successful. Success comes with a lot of hard work and dedication.

The absence of self-esteem has been the main reason most of us fail at what we set out to do.

The minute you let your fear become the best of you. You will see a diminish in your attitude of approaching things.

To uplift yourself you need to empower and believe in what you stand for and the possibility of getting there. Let situations and tragedy be that challenge you take on to get to the next step.

Respect and value yourself and that's when you will start to see your confidence output in everything you do.

Increase in anxiety

We all have experienced this, at one time or the other. Overthinking about that fear of confrontation or tense feeling of accepting something.

A little bit of anxiety is acceptable - for example going for your first job interview. The first experience and your dream job are on the line. So much to be tensed about!

However, too much of this can make you tired, uneasy, distress and unable to focus.

Due to these, you or someone can have serious health problems. These are panic disorder, anxiety attacks, high blood pressure or loss of speech.

Forcing us to back away from an approach to go forward. Surrendering and backstabbing yourself of all the opportunity in your hands.

Like always every situation has a solution and in this scenario, anyone who is suffering or thinks that anxiety is holding you back. You are wrong!

Study the ABC method, practice journaling, and meditation. Speak to someone and challenge your fear of success.

Uncontrolling anger

It's important to realize that every time you get upset, it drains your emotional energy. Losing your cool makes you tired and fatigue. 

The main reason why many of us lose focus on our fallbacks. Causing tremendous messes in our health, mind and the activities we are involved in.

Getting irritated at every and any little thing can cost you your relationships too.

So how you deal with it, set yourself space where you can vent out what you want. Talking to yourself in a lower or peaceful tone can also be helpful.

At the end of the day, you will be miserable if you let anger control you. I'm no one wants that! 


"Our doubts are traitors and make us lose the good we often might win, by fearing to attempt."

Clearly, we degrade ourselves of worthiness, faith and the potential to excel at the possibilities that stand before us, by overthinking on our first step.

By letting the stories we tell ourselves to rule over us. It is those barriers that block us from exploring our true selves.

Transform your thoughts and firstly recognize your worth. After this, nothing can make you question yourself about your values and ability to progress in any path.

Negative mindset

You attract negativity when you surround yourself with a toxic person and things. You are so much influenced that you forget to there is a positive side to everything.

Distractions and bad results are the main elements that lead us to think that there is no other way. In any situation, good or bad.

 If we train the mind to always entertain good thoughts and positivity. It can be the biggest accomplishment to banishing a negative mindset.

At the bottom line is you will become a loser and along with the people you are spending your time with if you continue to prolong with toxic activities.

The solution is if you can have at least one positive friend, you can slowly see better pictures and built a circle of like-minded people.

A need for motivation

Are you someone who finds yourself stuck in the sand after a smooth take off?

Well, not once but many times I find myself in this position. This can become a frustration sometimes because really in the buzz of life you forget why you started this in the first place.

Whereas, you are supposed to devise ways to keep track and uphold the pyramid of your why and intentions.

What you need to do is set a reminder daily for yourself, by listening to people who went through the storm and heavy winds, envision what success will feel like at the end or asking a friend to take a challenge with you.

 No one can reach greater heights without being motivated. Take charge of your life and motivate yourself.

A need for an attitude for gratitude

To some of you, what you have now might not be enough. So you are always complaining that I have got what the others have and always running after like greedy dogs.

This is not a perfect analogy. But it's true that we always leap to have an excessive amount in the things we see other people have, knowing that it's not what makes us happy.

A growing need to fulfill meaningless desires is having the world plunged in that dark ocean, where no long term happiness or satisfaction.  99 Club 

Appreciating the little things you have will bring you happiness and joy you don't have to look for. Don't wait for bigger things to happen. Be grateful for the things you have now.

As happiness is a journey and not a destination.

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