How to Control Overthinking [5 Buzzing tips] Bonus 90 Second clear button tool

How many of you believe that you overthink?

By letting unwanted thoughts take over your mind, you are creating a space to entertain anxiety and grow procrastination. Some of you might not want to admit, while some will. Honestly, I do overthink.

We generate about 70000 thoughts per day. Most of these are negative thoughts.

The main reason being that we don't give ourselves time to rethink and evaluate based on reality. Instead, we let the mundane beliefs control the situation.

Here are two questions to ask yourself. What are these thoughts about? Are they helping you or
making you feel less about yourself and others?

Whichever case you are in, this article focuses on 5 buzzing tips to help you stop overthinking.

Don't forget to give the bouns a try!
A practice you can do within 90 seconds and release the tension triggered by overthinking.

In this article, I think each and every one of us can relate. As it is something which we face on a daily basis.

It can be a list of things that you often overthink about. Your current relationship, your work, your past, your future, your failures. And the list can on and on.

If you are someone that admits to being an overthinker, then its time to rid your mind of this.

Tell yourself this. Time to stop thinking and start doing!

Your time is valuable, it means the things you do should be worth doing. You might want to check out this article how to value yourself and your time, read here.

I have prepared five useful tips and a bonus to help you combat overthinking. And start going in the right direction rather than focusing on what is not right.

5 Buzzing Tips to help control overthinking

Aware, accepting and forgiving - Like I mentioned above, most of the time our overthinking stems or lead to toxic thoughts. 

Your first step should to pointing out your negative thoughts, analyzing them. Whenever they pop up, make a note of it. 

Have a thoughts journal, accept it, forgive yourself if it was intentional and work towards it. In this way, you help set up yourself from repeating that very mistake.

Hardwired to connect - Physiologist says our brain is hardwired to connect the past to the present when an incident occurs. We tend to gather the bits together and connect. 

It goes on to emphasize that being an overthinker, you are at risk of potential danger mentally and eventually leading to physical instability. 

From lack of performance, increase in depression, mental health, anxiety, etc. How you look at the situation will determine the reason for you overthinking. 

Moreso, we allow the beliefs to rule over reality. Don't presume the reality but see its visual effect of it.

Separate your thoughts from yourself - Your thoughts are not you! Remember, the minute you let your thoughts hover over you. 

You are no longer in control. What you will need to do? It is to train and shape your mind to control your thoughts. 

Simply, by replacing a negative thought with a positive one. Setting good ambiance and possible solutions.

Practice meditation and Mindfulness - Meditation is a great tool you can utilize to maintain focus and mindfulness. 

Ten minutes of daily meditation is all that requires to stay involved and aware of the present. Here is a video to help you!

Talk to someone and not every and anyone - As much as we can try to fix our habit of overthinking. It is not always guaranteed that we will 100% overcome it. 

Because not all us have the mental perseverance to it fight off. It is wiser to find someone to talk to, than spending a year figuring it out yourself. 

Trust me, the day you decide to open up to share. You will see the results and certainty to overthrow your overthinking. 

In addition to this, a common mistake you make is talking to the wrong person. Share your problem with those who have done through this and have experienced and knows how to conquer. 

Dive into questions like, how did you do it? How it felt? What can you do to defeat it?


This technique is called the 90-second clear button to get rid of stress, depression, anxiety, etc.Especially for that now moment! It helps circumvent that stress that can cause you to behave aggressively.

How to do it?

This will work specifically for those tense moments when you are about overreacting.

Hold your left hand in front of your face and with your right index finger, press the center of your palm (the button) continuously with eyes closed.

Along with that relate to your breathing. Count from 1-3 respectively. Upon inhaling think 1 and upon exhaling think red, inhale think 2, exhale think blue and finally inhale think 3, exhale think green.

Now relax your index finger and let your mind so blank for about 10 seconds. Free your mind from all the stress for those 10 seconds.

And when you open your eye and bring yourself back to the situation. You are highly likely to make a better decision or act mannerly. 


Do you listen to your inner voice?

We all do most of the time. What we need to point out is, which is negative and which is positive and what it leads too?

If not now, when are you going to start?

The 5 tips that I listed above for you will certainly help you take charge and fight the war of overthinking.

Nothing is difficult when you take small steps at a time and climb your way up!

Your mind and your thoughts are yours. No one has control of it and to let others and unworthy things take up a place in your mind.

Detele when you need to and replace if you have to. Saying no is not being selfish, it's about self-development and growing from old to new.

I hope you will not just read this article but also implement and practice doing so.

Together, let's conquer and control overthinking!

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