How to use your passion for a brighter life? [ 3 steps]

Its commonly accepted that living your passion will lead you to success.

The passion which you have engraved in your everyday life, that thing which you work tirelessly without feeling a need to stop. It can also be paved a path to a brighter future.

I want to explain the difference between Passion and Goal. Cause too many times we misinterpret the meaning to be the same.

And as a result, when we think we are pursuing the things we love, when we're actually pushing force for various reasons and that which we call Goal.

Passion and Goal!

Referring to passion is the things that we do without thinking rationally or having a long drawn out structured plan.

Your passion, give you self satisfaction, continuously doing the things that make you feel fulfilled, happy and confident to do more and more without the feeling of self-pressure.

Goals, on the other hand, are those things that you wear yourself down to chase, to accomplish. Sometimes we set the bars while our love ones anchor us because they want that.

For goals, we give up meaningfulness and self-worth to win the race, some of us fail, by directly giving into the challenges surfaced, some break all barriers and themselves to meet the desired destination.

Excelling at the thing that you love and does to your best potential, can possibly be the reason to you exiting your dark room.

I remember a few years ago when I would love connecting and making friends with people from all walks of life. This was the natural me, even though I wasn't that good at speaking English.

I took the steps to become better, so I can better communicate and interact with them.

I never thought that I can motivate someone just by sharing simple thoughts of positivity in a conversation. I loved helping,  though nothing was expected.

Making those people feel a sight of hope, just after a disaster has struck was my sole aim. Today, my students look up to me not only as a teacher but someone who inspires them not to give up.

These days you see so many persons becoming coaches, mentors, trainers, etc. It is that very thing that they took years to recognize that is what they are meant to do.

We are attracted by the natural intention to do something without hesitation. A small spot that connects the inner and outer.

Often, we say it's my hobby to do this or that. But when you keep overlooking everything for that one that. It's no longer a hobby!  More about Passion

Have you ever notice, you've done something spontaneously and to perfection? And later question yourself as to why you did outstanding at something you didn't even plan for. It happens!
In apprehension to this, few take it to the next level. A star finally finding where it shines!

Look at how many people are making their passion their career, that's because they have identified their strength and uniqueness of expelling in that thing which they do best.

Don't turn a blind eye, look deeper rather than searching for a way that will not work.

I wish to share a few ways on how to use your passion to preserve your light into a bigger and brighter one.

Your future doesn't have to be a compromise, you can do that which you are magnificent at and still live the life you want to see.

  1. Connecting the dots of life with your passion - Let go of the race with others and accept your own version. You will see the changes it brings about in yourself and the behavior to the little things that approach you.
  2. Use your passion to lend a helping hand - You are exceedingly good at that specific thing, then you should use to full ability to make an impact and inspire others to do the same. You can do voluntary work or get involved with a charitable organization.
  3. A perfectly painted picture can cost a fortune - This is your journey, what you choose to do now will clearly depict the future outcome. Your passion cannot only let you shine in others but to yourself at the same time. More frequently than before, people are turning their best asset ( passion) to create a business and for bringing in income. Valuable lessons will get more to evolve and step ahead.
Don't let your passion fade away into the darkness, bring it out to the light and make it a success. A note to remember, if you can use your passion to help another, it will bring a sense of fulfillment you can't find anywhere.

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