Latest creation! AI-Powered computer system reads the mind of baby by their cries

Latest creation! AI-Powered computer system reads the mind of baby by their cries

Is this cool or what!

The unbelievable growth and heights technology is taking to make human life easier.

It's stated that a computer program, run by artificial intelligence is now capable of knowing, what
signals are babies cry sending to their mom's.

More specifically, why the baby is crying and what is that they want. Amazing right?

Latest creation! AI-Powered computer system reads the mind of baby by their criesMothers truly needed this, long before as it is not always easy to calm a crying baby and tell what it is they are crying for.

If you are a mom, you are probably thinking no more sleepless nights, trying to pacify your baby from crying.

Going into more details of this, the system is developed by a group of researchers from the IEEE and the Chinese Association of Automation.

Well, for some of you, you might be thinking about the longevity of this. Let's get there first! The moment you become skeptical, you have just label yourself ignorant. Not to say, that everything we read is true!

Researching is another step to clarify than jumping to a conclusion.

Are you having a second thought? Let's read the facts together. These scientists say the AI-powered system can detect whether the child's cry if it's because of hunger, fatigue, illness or if in pain.

Like one of those gadgets that translates a language, just after you speak into it. Similarly, the infant the infant's cries are recognized and transcribed automatedly.

The computerized system identifies the sounds using 'compressed sensing' a process that reconstructs a sound based on sparse data. Especially in noisy environments.

Here is a more detailed definition for those who might not know what is compressed sensing. It is an approach to signal processing that allows for signals and images to be reconstructed with lower sampling rates.

The sampling rate makes storing and processing data much more efficient. For example, mobile phone cameras, facial recognition, medical imaging, network tomography, and radio astronomy.

The team designed a cry language recognition algorithm that can distinguish the meanings of normal and abnormal cry signals in a noisy environment.

What the algorithm does, it picks up the crying signals of the individual and then store the information and what the emotion meant.

How incredibly easy technology makes life better for humans!

Lichuan Liu, corresponding author, associate professor of Electrical Engineering and director of digital signal processing laboratory went on to explain, the meaning of sound signals and what it actually does.

Like a special language, there is a lot of health-related information in various cry sounds. These signals represent different features of cry signals.

Before the final results, they need to extract the features and obtain the information in it. Therefore leveraging is important here.

The team is confident that the findings would be applicable to other medical care circumstances in which decision making relies heavily on experiences.

The ultimate goal is healthier babies and less pressure on parents and guardians.

It's a new process that is yet to spread in the medical sector. Collaborations with hospitals and other centers are expected.


The article did amaze me at first and I didn't really believe it after I did my research.

I hope you've learned that every day a new invention is created. Especially when you are not aware of it.

In fact, there is so much going on, you just need to keep updating yourself with the latest news.

I appreciate your time here and keep learning and growing!

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