5 Benefits of taking cold showers - 60 seconds of invigoration

Have you ever experienced that invigorating intense feeling after taking a cold shower?

You probably haven't, and still asking yourself why do I need to go through that in the first place?

Cold showers have many benefits that help alleviate weight loss, stress, bad skin, and hair properties.

In this article, I wish to give all the good factors contributing to you taking cold showers every day. 

By adding this as a daily practice will definitely not want to stop after a week of trying and the relief you will get.

Below is a video that will help you better understand before we dig deeper into the cold benefits of taking a 60 seconds cold shower. 

5 practical benefits of taking a cold shower before the start of your day

  • A boost in energy levels -  Taking cold showers is a good substitute for a cup of coffee. Feeling tired and exhausted after a long day or even in your mornings. Take a 60-seconds ice-cold shower and you will surely experience that lift of energy you were looking for. Coldwater alerts your brain, accelerates your heart rate, increase your oxygen intake and boost your energy from its original place. You can say, it acts as an electric shock to awaken a drained lazy body. For coffee lovers, it is not advisable to drink coffee right after you wake up. Let the cold shower do its work and after 90 minutes you can continue to take your regular intake of caffeine. 
  • Improves your mood - Joint study conducted by Hombolt university in Berlin and Montana state university in the US found that exposure to cold water increases glutathione and improves levels of uric acid. When these two are combined they can relieve stress, which makes you more relaxed. Interesting right? Now you have a simple solution to lower your stressful mind.
  • Shinner hair and flawless skin - I'm sure many of you are well aware that after facial cleansing, you use cold water to tighten your pores from allowing dirt to clog right? The result you are very keen on, then why not do it for the entire body? In terms of hair benefits, cold water at the end of your shampooing process will leave your hair frizz-free and shinier. Now, who doesn't want smooth shinier looking hair?
  • Stimulate weight loss - This one will surprise you. Our body contains two types of fat tissues, white and brown fat. The difference between the two is white fat is accumulated when we consume more calories than our body needs. Excessive calories that the body is unable to burn. Now what happens, this extra fat is piled up at our waist, lower back, neck, and tighs which eventually becomes too much to get rid of thus causing us to become obese. Brown fat is good fat. According to Joslin diabetes center, a Harvard medical school affiliate, confirms that the good fat is the one which helps the human body to generate heat to keep the body warm in extremely cold conditions. As the advantages continue to grow, cold showers can promote this good fat in your body.
  • Having to control your mind -  This allows you to practice getting control of your mind. The cold will put you into fight or flight and you will begin to see just how easily you can calm yourself even in that situation. Our fear has a way of controlling the mind by keeping itself safe from danger or confrontation. Once you take that initial step to stand up and face, you will automatically steer the wheels of your mind. Read more on how cold showers can help you full time control your mind


Are you still skeptical about taking cold showers and how beneficial it can be to your health? 

Then consider giving this a try for at least one week and if you don't see the results then you can revert back to your normal showers? 

I assure you will love it and wouldn't want to stop. You might eventually start sharing this before you know it.

We all want to see and feel the changes, what you need to do it take that first step and one at a time.

At the end of it, you will say "wow! I just accomplished something I never imagined I could"

If you found value in this article, then don't hesitate to hit the share button and help others see the benefits of cold showers. 

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